18 April 2017

Range of services

With us you get a stable position on the market

Currently, the market of goods and services is becoming more and more saturated with companies from various industries. The large competition increasingly the difficult, for the companies, to break into the market and get a stable position, which could be a starting point for further development. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a very good business plan, according to the company’s profile and its business strategy capabilities. For the development of the strategy, which will be success in the market, the best solution is to consult an external audit for the company. The first stage of the cooperation process with companies that choose to use our services, is to adequately describe the business strategy, to provide practical and cost-effective guidance in the field of finance and law, we must first know deep the company, which we are going to advice. For this reason, it is necessary to invest in a reliable audit process. This mechanism is also a method to define the loss-making areas, and spheres of activity which can be optimized, generating best results, with less risk.

The main scope of our services includes:

  • Business Consulting,
  • accounting consulting,
  • tax consultancy,
  • Legal advice.

The changes raises resistance

One of the principles of management says that “change breeds resistance”, often even if the board of the company is open to change, always going to be some opposition and reluctance, coming from employees, and managements. In order to minimize the risk of this kind of common reactions, our company also offers implementation of new solutions with training of employees in the use of these new methods and strategies, always demonstrating the real reasons for the new approach.

Stages of audit implementation

The cooperative process, takes place in several stages, here we listed how each stage works:

  1. Placing an order to acquire our services, in one of the forms available in the “Contact” tab.
  2. Business audit carried out by our company.
  3. Presentation of the possibility of changes, improvements and strategy development.
  4. The decision to accept or reject the proposed strategy.
  5. In case of rejection of the first strategy, we will prepare another plan, considering the variants, and making changes according to the company.
  6. Conducting training and implementation of changes in the company.
  7. Audit at the end, which explores the effects and results of the changes.