18 April 2017

Legal advice

Full business legal services

Our company has expanded the legal department, which consists of specialists in various fields of law, so we can provide support to companies in many different industries. In our offer you will find not only legal, but also a full service law firm, including representation of its interests before the labour courts, civil courts, other types of courts and offices, also state authorities.

The ranges of our activities are, among others, the following areas of law:

  • company law – with experts in the law field, we advise companies in the selection of the appropriate legal form for their business, as well as offer advice during the conversion, liquidation or merger,
  • civil law – in this area we can help in the construction of civil law contracts, whether with business partners, clients or colleagues, give opinions on agreements concluded by the company, we provide assistance in terms of the leases, loan, use, lending, and many others,
  • copyright – we offer advice and  business assistance in all elements relating to copyright law, use of works covered by it, the transfer of rights, licenses and their use, as well as a waiver of copyright  for sales / purchase,
  • Labour law –  we support our  business customers  in the field of labour law, the design of employment contracts, with the controls of the PIP or sanitary authorities during court hearings, with current and former employees, we also represent employers. We provide advice on matters of accidents at work, dealing with the sudden death of an employee, creating work regulations and enforcement of the employee’s duties.

Mentioned above are only part of the expertise service, we can offer our customers, because we have a team of specialists in the field of construction law, intellectual property and patents, industrial law, and specialists of international law.