18 April 2017

Consulting service

We will select for you the appropriate form of settlement

Every company, regardless of its size, or if is profitable or not, is required to account for the  Revenue. Depending on the size of the company and the legal form of the business, as well as income, the company may settle with the Tax Office on different principles. Our company has experience in analyse with all the necessary elements for the consultancy forms of settlement and accounting.

We advise whether a better solution for our customers will be tax card, keeping revenue and expense ledger or perhaps settling a full accounting principles.

We will carry out accountant auditory

Accountant auditory turns out to be one of the important elements shaping the company’s strategy. It allows you to determine the irregularities in the preparation of financial reports, which ultimately lead to darkening the actual state of the company’s assets. Auditing also gives you the possibility to make the valuation of the company and determine what actions should be taken in order to optimize the company’s costs, while maintaining the quality of existing products and services.

Lean management

Our services help companies to implement the principles of lean management. It is a way of management based on eliminating any losses – based on in this concept all the company areas pass by analyses,  from administrative to operation,  and this analyses aim to optimize the costs generate  in each sector, in order to reduce losses, what will have direct effect in maximize company’s profits. Our role is to find the elements which cause losses and eliminate then. We diagnose areas where expenses are definitely high costs and look for ways to reduce these costs, we propose changes that remove the inefficient processes, those which do not bring profits to the organization.

Determining the pricing policy

We support companies in the process to determine price policies. We advise the prices strategy, which should be offered by the company’s products and services, so that the level of prices could assist to building competitive advantage and ensure the organization development. We help companies not only to determine an appropriate price, but also support them in offering promotions, discounts, sales. We also taking into consideration the terms which will support the decision-making, related to all elements of pricing policy and strategy.