18 April 2017

Business Consulting

Construction of business strategy

One of the main aspects of our company, is business consulting. In this area we develop a strategy that helps the companies in making important decisions about the future, directions, and best ways to conduct the business. On the basis of the audit support leadership, we setting the objectives of the company and from this we define the right strategy to achieve expected results.

1. The construction of business strategy takes several stages: at the beginning we will reach the aspirations and objectives of the direct owners of the company. We will figure out, what they would like to achieve, what is the main objective, how they see their company in 10 years, and what they expect from our consulting services.

2. In the second stage, we carry out an extensive audit of company, which englobes all areas of the organization. we take  into account  the issues of the accounting area, also make a deep analysis in marketing and sales, revise the human resource process and management. In this stage all problems must be identify.

3. The next step is to analyse the market. While conducting this type of analysis we examine both the situation in the entire sector of the company, as well we analyse your competitors’ activities and its sales results. We investigate the needs of the customer and conduct consumer research (or use this type of research carried out by agencies and market research). In this stage we are looking for the possibility of obtaining strategic partners for the company and potential customers.

4. Then, on the basis of the analyses, are carried out several variants of business development. Which include among others, SWOT analysis, PEST and TOWS, Hofer matrix (containing the analysis of the matrix GE and ADL), BCG matrix, the matrix responsibility, logical and  risk matrix (if required by the specifics of the company).

Thanks to comprehensive and reliable business analyses, which we submit our enterprise customers, we can provide a comprehensive and effective advice in their field of business, according to the company profile, objectives and market.

It is important to take into consideration, that any business strategy is not an inviolable document, which must be kept intact. Instead you should periodically evaluate the strategy according to the company’s current performance. If it is verified that the company is not at the point where it should be and needs to assess the causes, factors such as differences in the implementation process, or changes in goals, even due to external factors that affect the economy at the moment. In this case it is necessary to reassess the strategy and adapt it to the new operating conditions.